Food in DC

photo 1

My boyfriend recently moved to DC, so I’ve had a few fun trips down there to visit him! In addition to the phenomenal museums, we have had the chance to enjoy some amazing food when I visited.

We went to 1789 which is a restaurant in Georgetown. We got drinks at The Tombs first and then had dinner. The food was to die for and the service was excellent! One of the best meals yet! I highly recommend it.


On my next visit to DC, we went to Chinatown Coffee Co. I tried an iced coffee and a latte and they both were great! Not to mention the latte art was so pretty! My boyfriend, quite the coffee snob, gave them his seal of approval as well.

photo 3

We also went to Oyamel, which is one of Jose Andres’ restaurants in DC. I really enjoyed our meal. The cocktails were unique and very tasty! I would especially recommend the brussels sprouts and the tuna ceviche. You have to order the guacamole as well- they make it at the table and it is fresh and delicious!

So far I have yet to be disappointed with a meal in DC- I can’t wait to go back and try a few more restaurants!

photo 2

(Degas in National Gallery of Art)


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