Cambridge Eats

Hello world,

Since I have done an egregious job at tracking my recent meals out, I thought I would do a round-up of some Cambridge area restaurants that I have enjoyed recently!

Puritan & Co: Located in Inman square, I came here for a meal with my parents. It has such a fun vibe, and the food was really delicious. We also enjoyed our cocktails and the service was wonderful! I will definitely be going back.

Craigie on Main: I’ve been here twice now. One time, I had the tasting menu, which I cannot do justice to try to describe. Another time, I waited in line at 4:45 PM to get one of the famed Craigie burgers. Check out this article to see what makes them so amazing. I was almost worried I was going to be disappointed, but it did not disappoint. They only have 18 burgers a night, so go early, but DO IT! I do have a picture of this burger:


Kirkland Tap & Trotter: From Tony Maws of Craigie on Main, this place is so good. I’ve now been for dinner and brunch. Their burger is also one of the best burgers I’ve had, and their brunch is delicious. It has a super fun atmosphere and an amazing menu. I would highly recommend it. Additionally, they were super accommodating of our long and leisurely brunch during one of our blizzarding Sundays when nothing else was open!

Tupelo: Tupelo is located in Inman Square, and I had a great meal there on a snowy Sunday night with friends. I had the fried oysters, which were amazing. They also served our beer in mason jars, which was a wonderful finishing touch. The service was great as well- they were super friendly!IMG_4074

Alden & Harlow: In anticipation of snow (a theme here), I went to Alden and Harlow for my day before Valentine’s dinner date. I really enjoyed my meal. Any restaurant with sharing plates is one that I like! We ordered a couple really yummy cocktails and beers. We enjoyed the bone marrow croquetta, which was too good to be true and the chicken fried rabbit. We also obeyed my foie gras rule (if its on the menu, order it) and ordered the foie gras custard, which did not disappoint. And finally, we had the charred swordfish belly with bok choy kimchi, which I do have a picture of. I love swordfish, and this dish was amazing. I definitely recommend it!


Let me know if you get a chance to try any of these Cambridge faves!


Girl and The Goat

Hi, world!

Time for a long belated post updating you on a meal I had in Chicago. I went to Stephanie Izard’s Girl and the Goat in November to celebrate my anniversary with my boyfriend. Their menu changes, but if your meal is anything like mine, it will be phenomenal. We made a reservation roughly a month in advance.

Girl and the Goat has a menu with medium size plates to share. We started off with one of their breads. This was a bread with sausage in it and two different spreads. While this was definitely one of the simpler items that we ordered, it was absolutely delicious and a great start to our meal. Plus, I love starting out with some bread while I peruse the menu and decide what to order next.


Next we ordered the woodfired oysters. I was born and raised in Illinois, but I’ve been a New England girl for almost 9 years now. This has lead to me becoming quite the connoisseur of raw oysters on the half shell, one of my favorite foods. I was interested to try the wood fired oysters and see how they matched up to their raw, mignonette-drenched counterparts. They were phenomenal! I really enjoyed them and I would highly recommend them.


Next we ordered of the “Goat” section of the menu. We tried goat carpaccio. It was a little gamey-er than beef carpaccio, but in a really delicious way. I haven’t had goat before, but this was delicious. There was none left on the plate!


After the carpaccio, we ordered escargot ravioli. My boyfriend had never had escargot before and we were excited for this course. The escargot worked deliciously as a ravioli filling. It was really rich- I couldn’t have had a whole entree portion, but the sharing size was perfect.


Next up was the beef heart. A new pick for each of us, but it was worth it. We love trying new things, and the heart combined with mushroom and veggies was a perfect combination. The heart is not fatty, but it is a muscle, so it was similar in texture to a lean meat. It was great! (Apologies that you can’t see the heart pieces very well in the pic).


Finally, we ordered the pig face. AMAZING. I can’t even describe how good it was. I’ll direct you to this article (not for the squeamish) if you’re curious what their wood-fired pig face is. Combined with the potato strings and the runny egg, it was to die for.


How could we not top this meal off with dessert? We ordered a peanut butter and jelly dessert and it was a delicious end to an amazing meal.


To drink, we had some local Chicago beers. I didn’t get pics, but we had the God Damn Pigeon Porter by Spiteful Brewing and the Christmas Ale by Begyle Brewing. Both were amazing, but I think I enjoyed the porter a little more.

I would highly, highly recommend Girl and The Goat to anyone living in or visiting Chicago!