The Blue Room, Kendall Square

Two weeks ago for Boston’s Restaurant Week, known as Dine Out Boston, or Dig In Dine Out, I had a delicious meal at The Blue Room in Kendall Square. My boyfriend was in town for the weekend and we decided to take advantage of Dine Out Boston and go to the Blue Room. We got an extra chuckle out of it because the campus center at our alma mater has a little cafe called the Blue Room. Needless to say, the one in Kendall was better!

For Dine Out Boston, we got three courses to choose from their restaurant week menu. We shared everything because I refuse to not have a taste of everything on the table. For starters, we ordered the orecchiette and the smoked mackerel rillettes. The orecchiette was delicious, but I was glad that we shared it with a lighter app or I may have been too full to order an entree. I really could have enjoyed it as an entree myself- especially if I was in the mood for pasta! The smoked mackerel rillettes were also really tasty. I love any type of smoked fish, and they were a fun and yummy play on the traditional smoked fish and bread dish. They also were the perfect size to accompany our very decadent entrees.

We decided to go the carnivorous route with our entrees, and they both were to die for. We ordered the skirt steak and the pork shoulder. I was really craving steak, but I ended up loving the pork shoulder. I think because it was not a cut I normally order and the sides were much more noteworthy. The pork shoulder was such a rich cut of meat paired with kale, root vegetables, and horseradish. The skirt steak was also delicious, but I think the pork won this time (although I guess it was not a competition!).

For dessert, we ordered apple crisp and the walnut cake. Although we were stuffed, we managed to clean our entire plates!

The best part of the night was the wine. The Blue Room offers wines at retail price on Sunday. Our awesome waiter was able to recommend us an amazing wine based on what we described as our preference and we were able to order a bottle that would not have ordered at restaurant price. That wine was to die for and we really appreciated the waiter helping us navigate the menu.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Blue Room based on my restaurant week experience. Hint: Go on a Sunday!


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