Jaleo in Washington, DC

While in Washington DC the other weekend, I had the pleasure of dining at Jaleo, one of Jose Andres’ many restaurants. Jaleo is a Spanish tapas restaurant that has a really fun vibe. The bigger tables are glass topped foosball tables so you can play foosball during your meal! Since there were only two of us, we were not seated at foosball table, but I would love to go back with a big group and sit there!

We arrived a little early for our reservation so we decided to head to the bar for a drink. Their drink menu had an entire section of gin and tonics! A g&t is my favorite cocktail, so I was really excited to try some of theirs. All their gin and tonics were served with one huge square ice cube, and they would pour the tonic in right in front of you when they served it. We each had one at the bar and one with dinner, and all of them were delicious. I don’t even think I could pick a favorite!


Once we were seated, we ordered a bunch of small plates, including cured meats, cheese, gambas al ajillo, oysters, house-made chorizo, and grilled squid. Everything was absolutely to die for. My favorite was the grilled squid with rice and squid ink. We actually saw it on the table next to us and I’m so glad we asked them what they had ordered! I love gambas al ajillo and I order it at every single tapas restaurant I go to- I love to compare and contrast all the gambas. This dish was definitely one of the best renditions that I have had. The house-made chorizo was also quite good, and for this meat lover, a good addition to a seafood dominated meal! The tapas were a perfect size so we could share a bunch without being overstuffed.



I really enjoyed the meal. All our plates were delicious, and a great size. The cocktails were quite enjoyable as well! Another Jose Andres hit- if you are ever in DC, I highly recommend Jaleo.


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