For What I Ate Wednesday, I have a bunch of pictures of yummy food I have eaten in the last month or so!

photo 4

No such thing as too much cheese. Here’s some blue and brie as an appetizer before we had a friend over for dinner!

photo 5

I made this peach-raspberry pie from my Hoosier Mama Book of Pie cookbook. All the pies I have made from this book so far have been DELICIOUS. I highly recommend this book if you are in the market for a good pie cookbook!

photo 2(1)

photo 1(1)

On the Fourth of July, my friends and I made walking tacos. Apparently a lot of people have never heard of them- my friends included. You just get all your taco makings, pour them into a bag of Fritos, and eat with a fork. They’re kind of silly, but they are delicious!

photo 2

Barbeque at one of my favorite barbeque places, Red Bones! Here I got the meat & three, so I got to pick three side dishes to go with my barbeque. It was amazing, as always!

photo 3

I’ve been really into homemade pizza lately. I made a huge batch of homemade pizza dough following this recipe. Food52 never fails me! Its so easy to thaw and have homemade pizza in around 20 minutes. My favorite combination is cheese, onions, spinach, and a little white truffle oil.

photo 3(1)

Another really easy dinner: chicken thighs roasted with olive oil, garlic powder, lemon pepper, and Mrs. Dash’s poultry seasoning. It turned out perfectly and I served it with some frozen spicy sweet potato fries.


I didn’t get to take a picture of my food here, but I went to Stoddard’s with my boyfriend and a friend of ours and it was to die for. We shared fondue, mussels, and beef tartare as our appetizers which were all phenomenal. We also tried quite a few drinks on their extensive cocktail list- they were all delicious. Definitely on my list to go again.

I’ve definitely been eating my way through summer and enjoying every second!


Restaurant WIAW & It’s My Birthday!!

Today is my birthday- happy birthday to me! I plan on celebrating with some friends at Border Cafe for some delicious Tex-Mex and margaritas.

In other exciting news, I won a box of FiberLove bars from Kaila‘s giveaway! I was so excited to receive them yesterday- they were a perfect early birthday surprise. I can’t wait to try all the flavors- I love FiberLove bars but the supermarket near me doesn’t carry all the flavors!

Two weekends ago my mom came to visit and I got to enjoy a few amazing meals out. First up: Hungry Mother.


My appetizer: pimento cheese. It was to die for.


Entree was fish. Also amazing.


We had a coconut cheese cake for dessert even though we thought we were too stuffed for even another bite!


Gratuitous picture of me, my mom, and my sister!


Oysters at B&G Oyster!


The best lobster roll ever. (With bacon!)


A HUGE seafood and pasta dish at Rabia’s in the North End!

photo 1

Birthday latte!

photo 2

Brownies with Reeses inside courtesy of my awesome coworker!

photo 4

Champagne and St. Germain to make St. Germain cocktails from my friends!

It was a great birthday and so fun to reminisce about my delicious meals out this week!


Hi everyone! Here for my fourth WIAW!

photo 1

Okay, so this has nothing to do with what I ate, but I met Temple Grandin! I heard her speak and got a signed book. I was BEYOND excited. It was amazing!

photo 2

I finally got to try Toro! It has gotten rave reviews from everyone I know and it definitely lived up to expectations. I had the Perro Picante to drink which had gin, grapefruit juice and a spicy pepper simple syrup. We ordered so many dishes but my favorite two were probably the grilled shrimp (Gambas Al Ajillo) and the corn (Maiz Asado Con Alioli Y Queso Cotija). I did not capture any pictures of the food, so here’s me and my lovely dinner date in our post-dinner food comas.

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

My office is still on our crazy Oreo tasting spree. Birthday cake are hands down my favorite. The peanut butter ones are good- the filling tastes like Nutter Butters. The Mega Stuff- they’re amazing. But I can’t eat more than two!

photo 1

Here’s a fancy breakfast sandwich invention I’ve been loving. Melted Brie on toast with sauteed kale and a runny fried egg. It tastes so gourmet and takes no time at all to make!

What food have you been enjoying lately?


Another random What I Ate Wednesday!

photo 1

A random dinner that consisted of chicken cooked in Mrs. Dash’s poultry seasoning, lemon pepper, and garlic powder, and roasted asparagus. Simple but so yummy. Paired with Guinness (which I’m starting to like…) for St. Patrick’s Day!

photo 2

I finally tried sweetgreen! I had the day off of work so I met my boyfriend for lunch and we checked out their Back Bay location. (That’s his blurry hand in the pic.) I had their March salad, and it was AMAZING. Anything with bacon and blue cheese is a sure winner.

photo 3

My coworkers and I had to try the cookie dough Oreos. They were really good- but I think I like the birthday cake ones better!

photo 4

My boyfriend surprised me with champagne after I received some exciting news at my job! It was delicious.

I also tried Machu Picchu restaurant this weekend with my boyfriend and his family. Having been to Peru, I was excited to see what Peruvian food in Boston is like. I didn’t get any pictures (bad blogger!) but the ceviche was to die for. I will definitely go back!

Last night I had an amazing meal and cocktail at Temple Bar. Temple Bar is one of my favorite restaurants and I really enjoy all their sister restaurants as well. They had a great prix fixe menu for Dine Out Boston (restaurant week), and I ordered rabbit pate and a seafood risotto. I didn’t take any pictures again, but it was so yummy.

Have you had any extra-special meals lately?


My second WIAW post is here! I haven’t captured a full day of eating because I always forget to take a picture and then usually forget what I even ate. So instead I will just provide you with the highlights of the last week or so!

photo 1

My sister spent the weekend with me and we ordered pizza from Stone Hearth Pizza Co. She was exhausted from midterms, it was freezing, and it was the perfect night to order pizza and watch a movie.

photo 2

I FINALLY tried cauliflower crust pizza. I thought it was delicious and it got the boyfriend seal of approval! I used this recipe, but there are so many recipes out there and now I want to try them all. We topped ours with spinach and mushrooms, and it was SO GOOD.

I had an amazing burger and beer at Cambridge Brewing Company with a few friends from college. I have no pictures, but I ordered the CBC Burger and tried their Regatta Golden beer which was really yummy. I loved it- I will definitely be going back!

photo 3

I also tried baking espresso banana bread from Food52. It turned out really yummy! My boyfriend helped by making me espresso in our stovetop espresso maker. I didn’t include instant espresso granules because I didn’t have them, but next time I might to amp up the espresso flavor- but the bread was still delicious.

For St. Patrick’s Day, I made these cupcakes. I don’t have any pictures of them, which is probably for the best as my frosting looks like it was done by a 5 year old. I know St. Patrick’s Day is over, but you should make them. I don’t even really like Bailey’s and have only just started to like Guinness, but I LOVED these cupcakes.

Happy Wednesday!

First WIAW!

Many of the blogs I read participate in What I Ate Wednesday and I think it looks like such a fun link up! I haven’t captured a full day of what I ate, unfortunately, because I can never remember to do that. Instead I just have a few recent, delicious things I have been eating to share with you.

photo 1

I have been loving green smoothies for breakfast! I usually make a fruit smoothie with almond milk, a banana, and whatever frozen fruit I have on hand, and then just throw a handful of spinach in on top. Its a good way to make sure I get a few extra veggies in that day- and you can’t even taste the spinach! 😉

photo 2

A delicious almond milk latte at dwelltime, a great little coffee shop in Cambridge. My boyfriend, quite the coffee snob, really enjoyed their black coffee as well.

photo 3

A delicious sandwich from Darwin’s, one of my favorite sandwich places in Cambridge. All of their sandwiches are so good- you really can’t go wrong.

photo 1(1)

Cheese and champagne for our belated Valentine’s Day celebration!

photo 4

I made How Sweet It Is garlic brown sugar flank steak with chimichurri for our Valentine’s day dinner. Here’s my food processor filled with fresh herbs

photo 2(1)

All dressed up for Valentine’s day dinner- any date where you can be in PJs is one that I’m okay with.

photo 3(1)

The chimichurri was delicious, and steak is always a winner in my book. We used the leftover chimichurri sauce the rest of the week on EVERYTHING.

Hope you enjoyed reading about some of the food I enjoyed this past month. I am going to be much better at documenting next week!